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Stress Analysis of bucket teeth

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Excavator bucket teeth are an important part excavator, also wearing parts, seat and tooth by tooth tip consisting of a combination of bucket teeth, both of which are connected by a pin.
Stress Analysis of Tooth: bucket teeth Face was contacted and was excavated in a complete excavation work during the different stages of their work force is not the same situation. When the site was first exposed tooth tip surface of the material, because the speed is very fast, fighting tooth tip in part by a strong impact hate. If the yield strength of the bucket teeth is relatively low, it will produce the plastic deformation at the tip.
With increasing depth excavation, the forces fighting tooth will continue to change. When the bucket teeth cutting materials in time, fighting tooth and a certain relative movement of material occurs in fighting tooth surface will have a great positive extrusion pressure, resulting in a lot of friction between the bucket teeth Face and materials. If the material is relatively hard rock or concrete blocks, the friction force will be very large.
The result of this friction repeated the role of fighting in the bucket teeth tooth face in different degrees of surface wear, and produce relatively large depth of the furrows. Front face positive pressure significantly greater than after the face, the more workers can wear before Face to determine a positive pressure and friction is the main external mechanical factors bucket teeth failure, resulting in failure of the course play a major effect.

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