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To improve the Santon bucket tooth brand effect

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With the development of hardware accessories industry, bucket teeth industry capacity is also growing, but also to enhance China's hardware industry, the overall level of visibility and international laid the foundation for the market share. However, due to China's bucket tooth products in the process of development, ignoring the industrial structure, productivity and other aspects of the problem, make the industry into remain stagnant predicament.
Up to now, the marketing level of bucket teeth of the whole enterprise is still in the primary stage of the world, there is no established brand, not the ability of technology innovation, not to mention the control of the industrial chain. Mainly reflected a single in the sales channels, resource integration awareness is not strong, the product quality management, production management at the scene without the effective methods and measures can not achieve the effective control of.
Europe and the United States and other countries of the valve industry is based on quality, reasonable profit, for customer service, the establishment of enterprise credibility for the purpose of education, organization, staff, management of enterprises; to each project, and its production process control and management for the unit, to control, ensure the quality and performance of each product. These factors lead to the domestic industry with the developed countries there are still large gaps.
The low-end bucket teeth can not support the future, the main design and development, it is an important way for the future industrial development, to promote the products of science and technology innovation construction, build the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate the training speed of the platform, the industry leading enterprises, set up with the influential national brand, bigger and stronger China bucket tooth industry.

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