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Die material performance precision casting wax

In recent years, many units in our country has developed many series of die material and high quality products. WMdie II series varieties of material, can provide mould material for different shell materials,different dewaxing temperature, different size and shape, can be used to replace imported products. WMseries of die material, more than ten species, annual production of about 200 tons. USA investment casting technology level is higher, benefited from the three pillars, namely, raw materials, advanced technology, high quality and strict operation. As Americaninvestment casting mould factory each use are the new pattern material mould factory production. Die materialrecycling plant does not use the casting, die material recyclingto the unified treatment of die material factory specializing in the production of. Because the mould materialfactory pattern material high quality and uniform, ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of casting plant wax, ash and impurities wax are under control. Foreign usually have Professional Company,collection of related technology specializing in the production of investment casting mould material. The production of die material has good stability, low shrinkage rate, smooth surface, high strength, good formability and production according to different parts of the different properties of the die material.Diematerials of foreign produced with packing die material and non plus packing die material, and subdivided into model with wax, wax, wax emulsion, can repair the gate with wax, block sealing wax bonding wax etc..

Precision casting wax is a special material to manufacture parts molds in precision casting, is one of the importantfactors determining the quality of castings. Investment casting wax are the main varieties of low temperature die material, the Wenmo material and high temperature die material, mainly use the mode of the material is low temperature die material and temperature die material. Our country imported die material also is mainly temperaturedie material.

Die material performance is determined by the formula, so the factory attaches great importance to researchthe die material formula.