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Foundry quality means that the high quality casting mould

For foundry, high quality die means high quality castings, it means lower costs, higher output and profits.
At present, the development of domestic mold industry is very fast, only aluminum alloy gravity casting mold production factory is not hundreds, but with the development of automobile industry and the influx of foreign capital, mold production factory in both scope and technical strength also is in grow with each passing day. With the popularization and application of CNC machining equipment, processing level of mold industry and foreign countries has not much difference, many mold factory has advanced detection equipment, but our management, design concept, management philosophy and foreign counterparts than there are gaps, mould material and heat treatment strengthening method is also far behind the developed countries. The present situation for casting mold production factory, have practical experience, engineering and technical personnel understand the mold manufacturing and to understand the casting process is very lack, and die debugging and verification process is a Hom mold manufacturing process will take, because the success of mold and mature process is casting factory, many of today's technology weak desired.
Application of standardized mold and mold standard parts is an inevitable trend of the future development of die industry. In the late of the aluminum alloy gravity casting is even more so. Only the implementation of the standardization of mold, to standard mold factory, mold to mold factory to provide high quality and low price standard is possible. At the same time, application of standardized mold and mold standard parts, will make the foundry is easier to monitor the quality of mold, the mold maintenance and maintenance more convenient. The use of mold standard parts, mould industry will help to change the current multi variety, small batch production scale, production efficiency, reduce costs, improve productivity.
In short, precise size, high production efficiency, convenient use and maintenance of die casting industry is the industry and the pursuit of forever.