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Through technological way of increasing the bucket tooth life

1, improve the purity of steel steelmaking in vacuum or vacuum degassing conditions, to ensure the purity of molten steel, in addition to pay attention to the selection of raw materials, or coarse especially inclusionsdistributed in thegrain boundary will reduce the mechanical properties and wear resistance steel. Attention should be paid to thepurifying liquid steel is decreased, the P, S, O and other harmful gases and impurities.The main impurity dischargingoperation is a good grasp of early to phosphorus, oxidation of boiling and careful mixing of molten steel. In addition,blowing argon process and ways to improve the wear resistance of highmanganese steel.

2, the heat treatment in the water toughening treatment, the choice of temperature, should take the upper limitor slightly higher, so as to ensure the full dissolution of carbides. The majority of high manganese steel by watertoughening treatment, but in recent years are also useful for heat treatment process of Mo alloy plusdiffusiontreatment. For example, Mo2% containing high manganese steel production of conventionalAmerican, processing25% higher than standard life. The high carbon and the use of Mo, V, Ti alloying high manganese steel bucket teethwere also studied heat treatment ". After 600  (8~12) H insulation and watertoughening treatment, the 4 m3 bucket teeth increase the wear life of 70%~170%. A way of fine grain and heat treatment, its purpose lies in the grain of high manganese steel refinement to improve its wear resistance.

Hardening treatment 3, pre hardening is mainly used in the hammer peening method, etc.. The highmanganese steelwater toughening treatment of pre hardened after the treatment, the surface hardness of 2~3times the depth of the conventional, obviously change the surface state of high manganese steel.