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Application of high manganese steel materials in the bucket teeth of advantage

At present our country most excavator bucket teeth still use the high manganese steel, high manganese steelis an abrasion resistant alloy material used earlier, its chemical composition is approximately C:0.9-1.5%,Mn:9-15%, Si:0.3 - 1%, S:<0.04%, P:<0.10%, wherein, when the manganese content in steel in 10-14%, when the carbon content in 1.0-1.4%, the steel with high toughness and wear.

1, wear resistance. High manganese steel as wear resistant material, its wear resistance is conditional, only in theintense shock, it has good abrasion resistance.

2, hardening. Good work hardening ability is the main characteristic of high manganese steel, high manganese steelworkpiece have a strong impact on the surface, rapid hardening, hardness increased from 170 225HB to 450 550HB,and the center part still maintain the original hardness. In addition, high impact toughness of high manganese steel isno other material, the impact toughness of Ak > 150J / cm2.

High manganese steel. These advantages make it can give full play to its advantages in some crushing equipmentand workpiece need under strong impact, thus obtained the widespread application. However, whenthe impact ofsmall industrial and mining conditions, the work hardening is not obvious, the hardness and wear resistance is serious insufficient, sometimes wear resistance than ordinary carbon steel, high manganese steelis not working in these conditions.

In addition, the high manganese steel in impact force big under the work hardening, but its yield strength is not high,under the action of external force, tooth easily yield deformation and cracking, which will influence the service life ofbucket teeth, resulting in a waste of resources.